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Pitted Dates (13-02-2015)

Launch of new products "Pitted Dates"

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Our company is specialized in the export of dates for different countries. In fact, it has created since its inception in 2004 an exchange relationships ...
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The company FRIGORIFIQUE DU SUD was created by Mr ALI DHAOUI, who has a career of over 30 years in the purchase and sale of dates. He is also professional in the buying and harvesting of trees (khrasa, which provided him with a high quality of dates known on the local and international market.
The company is equipped with a modern and hygienic equipment, it has a team with an expertise in packaging and exportation of natural dates "DEGLET NOUR" in accordance with international standards.

The famous Deglet Nour dates, our high quality product, is characterized by :

  • Large and fresh dust and glass free Dates
  • Bright golden Visual appearance
  • Sweet taste

Our product range comprises dates on their panicles, dates in bulk and packaged dates.